Instructions How to Use PayPal payments in Njobsboard Theme

Today, we want to explain a little bit more of how to configure and administrate PayPal payments. Here is our little guide, complemented by pictures, how step by step set up and make PayPal payments working.

I. PayPal activation and configuration in Njobsboard

The very first thing we have to do is to log in to our account on WordPress.

When we are logged to our administration panel, we have to click on Configuration, select ‘Payments’ [1] and Save changes. [2]

After Saving Changes, a new tab will show up in Njobsboard menu named Payments. We have to click on it to configure payments.

This menu allows us to configure payments for a single job offer via PayPal account.

[1] sets the cost for adding a single offer to job board in currency which can be set in [2]
[2] is a code of our currency in which we want to receive payments
[3] our email to PayPal account which must be activated
[4] allows us to set in what language PayPal will be displayed for our users
[5] click on the button to save changes

Here is an example of how the form may be filled correctly.

II. How Paypal payment looks like

This step shows us how the process of paying via PayPal looks like

When someone submits his vacancy, he is redirected to a page where PayPal button
will be visible [1]. To proceed to payments, one should click on the button.

In the next step, we will be redirected to PayPal website.

This PayPal page shows all necessary information about the payment for adding a vacancy. We can show details about the payment and costs of publishing the vacancy.

III. Confirming PayPal payment

To proceed, we have to log in to our PayPal account which we entered in Njobsboard administration panel.

We will see a new incoming payment on Payment status glossary for submitted job offer.

We can see its details [1] and verify who wants to transfer money and for what.
We can also accept it [2] when we do not need to check payment’s details.

This page will be displayed when we click on details of a payment from previous step.
When everything is correct we can accept the payment. PayPal will connect with our website and check that the payment was transferred. When everything is correct, submitted offer will show up on our website. We can also refuse to accept the payment when something is wrong.

IV. Administration

This page shows us for which offers we received payments. When some offer becomes flagged as ‘Paid”, it is automatically being displayed on our site.

We can also edit and activate each offer manually. When we are sure that money was transferred, but submitted offer is not being displayed on our website, we can activate or edit it manually by clicking [1] or [2].

Njobsboard Team.

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